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Website Development

I specialize in designing, developing, and creating professional websites.

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Website Development

Whether you’re a company, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, it’s essential to establish your online presence to promote your services and have a communication channel with potential clients.

The Importance of Having a Website Today

Having a corporate website allows you to reach an unlimited number of customers and communicate with them quickly and effectively. Your company is unique, and your website should be too.

That’s why I create and develop custom websites, without using pre-made templates, leveraging WordPress, the world’s most widely used Content Management System (CMS).

This way, you’ll get a visually appealing and user-friendly website that resonates with your audience and reduces the chances of page abandonment.

I will also take care of SEO optimization to ensure your content appears on the first page of Google.

I’ll make your site responsive, ensuring it can be properly navigated from any type of device. Over 70% of people browse using smartphones, so it’s crucial to create a tailored layout for mobile devices as well.

Website Development Process: Steps

  • Market and Competitor Analysis, Identifying Your Business’s Strengths
  • Gathering Content (Texts, Brochures, Company Logo)
  • Creating a Graphic Draft, Establishing the Layout and Content Presentation
  • Website Development – Coding and Adding Texts and Images
  • On-Page SEO Work, Including Image and Code Optimization, Content and Keyword Analysis
  • Choosing Hosting and a Domain, and Going Live
  • Installing a Cookie Banner and Relevant GDPR Pages for Compliance
  • Installing Google Analytics and Google Search Console to Monitor Organic Website Visits.

Your business is too important to have an unprofessional website

If you have a message to convey or a product to sell, your website must capture users’ attention and convert them into customers. This is not possible without the expertise of a professional.

I will ensure the creation of an original, simple, captivating, and responsive website that aligns with your online goals. I will take care of graphics, content optimization, and create the best possible browsing experience. I won’t overlook the choice of the best hosting or integration with social features to make your site shareable.

The work I will do for you will be tailored to your needs, and summarizing it on one page is not easy.

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