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E-commerce Development

Start selling online right away with my e-commerce development service, no matter where you reside in the world.

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E-commerce Development

I specialize in developing and creating custom e-commerce solutions for all types of sellers. I typically rely on the popular WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, but for more complex and large-scale projects, I prefer to offer even more professional alternatives.

How to Open an Online Shop

If you’re a seller, you undoubtedly want to open an e-commerce store to expand your business. Today, many purchases of non-primary goods occur through online shops: prices are lower, items are conveniently delivered to your doorstep, choices are abundant, and you can even shop in distant countries.

With your e-commerce store, you can broaden your customer base, sell internationally, operate 24/7 without needing to be in a physical store, and accept payments through various electronic means.

As a web designer in Brescia, I specialize in creating professional e-commerce solutions suitable for any business. From small enterprises to large retailers, I can create an effective online shop that encourages users to make purchases. I don’t just focus on the aesthetics of the site but also on the product descriptions and the overall browsing experience.

E-commerce Development: The Steps

  • Market and Competitor Analysis, Identifying Your Business’s Strengths
  • Gathering Content (Company History, Uniqueness, Product Photos, and Descriptions)
  • Creating a Graphic Draft, Establishing Layout and Content Presentation
  • E-commerce Development – Adding Texts and Images
  • Shopping Cart Generation with Payment Methods
  • On-Page SEO Work, Including Image and Content Optimization, Keyword Integration
  • Domain Selection and Going Live
  • Installation of Cookie Banner, Terms and Conditions of Service, and Relevant GDPR Pages for Compliance
  • Installation of Google Analytics and Google Search Console to Track Organic Website Visits.

Online sales are on the rise. Position yourself best in the market

Online purchases are increasing every day. According to experts, even those who shop in physical stores often research product details on the internet first.

That’s why you can’t afford to ignore your online presence today. If you effectively showcase your products through a professional and optimized e-commerce platform, you have a better chance of attracting visitors and convincing them to buy from your online store. If you’re a seller looking for a web designer to handle e-commerce development, don’t hesitate to contact me. Together, we will choose the solution that best suits your needs, and you can finally start selling online.

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